If you do not have a disability you do not exist…

17 02 2012

“…Do you have a person with disability in your family? Do you have a friend with a disability? Do you experience some kind of a disability?”

These are some of the questions that people ask me when I mention that I work in the disability field. Well, the answers to these questions are yes and no. Yes, because I belive that all human beings are disabled in some ways, and thus “if you do not have a disability you do not exist”. No, because neither me nor my close family members or friends, are labeled as people with disability. What is the difference though? disability is a disability, right? well my friends, this is not the case. Labelling and the stigma and discrimination that may be attached to it, have more negative consequences as the disability itself. That is to say, like many other things in life, it does not matter what you have or do not have, it matters if people know about it….  What do you think?

In my next post I will ask what is Disability and how the definition of disability is strongly impacted by culture, professional, society, religion etc.

Have a great weekend!