Recommended Materials


Publications (Books and Journals) of Members of the World Psychiatric Association’s Section on Stigma and Mental Disorders (up to 2006; a newer version will be published soon).

Four Lessons for Mental Health Advocates by Professor Patrick Corrigan

Measuring Mental Illness Stigma by Link, Yang, Phelan and Collins

Disability Studies and employment by Sagit Mor, JD (in Hebrew)

Transforming Disability into Ability by the OECD

The World Health Organization Mental Health Atlas 2011

The Israel Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law

The Israel Rehabilitation Law for people with a psychiatric disability


Stigma and its consequences by Prof. Bruce Link

A mark of Shame by Prof. Stephen Hinshaw

Recovery from a psychiatric illness by Dr. Pat Deegan

Dr. Pamela Collins on Global Mental Health Challenges

Neuro-Psychoanalysis – Where Mind Meets Brain. An interview with Prof. Mark Solms



Beyond Disability

The Implicit Association Test (IAT)

And much more is yet to come…

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