My Publications


Publications in Peer Review Journals


  1. Roe, D., Tal, A., Kleinman-Balush, V., Shereshevsky, Y., Hadas-Lidor, N., Telem, A., and Lachman, M (2011). Psychiatric Rehabilitation: on the way to Becoming a Profession. Social Security, 105-85 :86, 85-105 (In Hebrew).
  2. Tal, A, Weiner, A, Singer, Y and Moran, G. (2010). Mental illness Stigma and Discrimination at the workplace. (in Hebrew; not a peer-reviewed journal).
  3. Tal, A., Moran, G., Rooth, D-O, and Bendick M (2009). Using Situation Testing to Document Employment Discrimination against Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities. Employee Relations Law Journal, 35 (2): 40-61.
  4. Lachman, M., Tal, A., & Hadas-Lidor, N. (2009). The implementation of the Recovery paradigm in mental health in the context of the Israeli society. Israeli Journal of Occupational Therapy, 18 (2). E21-E34.
  5. Tal, A ., Roe, D & Corrigan, P.W. (2007). Mental Illness Stigma in the Israeli Context: Deliberation and Suggestions. International Journal of Social Psychiatry , 53 (6):547-63.
  6. Tal, A. (2007). Stigma against People with Psychiatric Disability. In: M. Lachman & N. Hadas-Lidor (eds.) Recovery and Rehabilitation Readings in the Mental Health Field from Different Perspectives: Practice, Policy and Research. Kfar Yona, Israel: Litom Publishing House. (In Hebrew). 
  7. Speier Keisar, V, Hadas-Lidor, N, Lachman, M, & Tal, A. (2007). The Efficacy of Dynamic-Cognitive Intervention on the Cognitive and Social Functioning of Persons with Schizophrenia in the Community.


Publications in Newspapers and Professional websites


  1. Employment: The Autism Advantage (World Autism Awareness Day, 2015)

  2. Living with Schizophrenia (World Mental Health day, 2014). (In Hebrew)
  3. Robin Williams: the person behind the legend (2014). (in Hebrew)
  4. The Right to Live in the Community (2013) (in Hebrew)
  5. Social Justice for People with Disabilities (2012). Hebrew Psychology
  6. Evil is not a mental illness (in Hebrew)
  7.  A call for Action: Award tax incentives to employers hiring people with disabilities.
  8.  Don’t call them nuts (in Hebrew)
  9.  The Journey to Recovery – for People with Psychiatric Disabilities in Israel (With Dr. Max Lachman and with Dr. Naomi Hadas-Lidor), 9-13.
  10.  Mental health resources in Israel (In Hebrew)
  11. An article on the movie “Sweet Mud” (In Hebrew, with Revital Ordan)
  12. Neuropsychoanalysis of Post Traumatic Amnesia (With Juidth Giveon)
  13. Suggestions to improve the treatment law for people with mental illness
  14. Who will protect people with mental illness?
  15. Modern-days lepers (English)
  16. Modern-days lepers (Hebrew)
  17. Worth for Us
  18. CHESHBON NEFESH (With Irit Wagner)
  19. Katyusha scars (originally published at “Haaretz”)




  1. A Comprehensive Guide for Job Applicants with disabilities (August, 2013)  (In Hebrew).  Submitted to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Israel.
  2. Disability related Stigma among Employers. Review and deliberation in light of the Israeli legislation. Submitted to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Israel. 
  3. Employers’ Network on Disabilities — an International Perspective (In Hebrew). Submitted to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Israel.
  4. Employers’ Forum to Promote Job opportunities among People with Disabilities in the Israeli Context (In Hebrew). Submitted to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Israel.
  5. Job Boards for People with disabilities an International Review (In Hebrew). Submitted to the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Israel.


Book Reviews


  1. A book review on: The Stigma of Disease and Disability: Understanding Causes and. Overcoming Injustices. Editor: Patrick W. Corrigan. Publisher: American Psychological Association. pp. 319. December, 2013. The book review was written in Hebrew and can be retrieved  HERE (pp 13).


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