Curriculum Vitae


1997-2000: Sport Instructor, Israel Air Force.


2008- 2012. The University of Haifa’s president Ph.D. program for honored students. Area of expertly: Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Dissertation Title: Need for Control and Attitudinal Differences toward People with Mental and Physical Illness: The Effects of Unmitigated Agency, Professional Training and Social Desirability on Implicit and Explicit Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions

2007-2008. M.A. the Community Mental Health Department, The Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences, University of Haifa, Israel (with honors).

2003-2004. M.A. Studies, Psychobiology, Tel Aviv University.

1998-2002. B.A. in social sciences and Humanities, the Open University, Israel (with honors).

Professional experience

2014 – Present. R&D Director , “Shekulo Tov” NGO

2013 – Present. Advisor at Angel Sense,

2007 –  Present. Independent Researcher in the disability field.

2010 – Present. Editor in Chief of the Israel portal on disability:

2009 – Present.  Researcher in the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.

2007 – Present. Founder and Head of “Employers Looking Beyond”, a national program to increase job opportunities of persons with disabilities in the Israeli Labor Market. The program is funded by the National Insurance Institute of Israel,the Israel Ministry of health and BE organization. Total grant for three years: 1.2 million New Israeli Shekels (NIS).

2005 – Present. Founder and Head of “In Good Company – Looking Beyond”, The Israeli Organization (Non Profit) to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination against People with disability in general and Psychiatric disability in particular.

2000-2005. Rehabilitation Practitionaire; worked with people with CVA, psychiatric illness and PDD.

2011 –  2012. Co-founder of the Open Circle, the Israel business forum on Disability (led by the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor).


2014 – Present- Board member at Caregivers Israel

2013 – Present – Doctors for Global Health; Human Rights and Advocacy Committee.

2012 – Present – Moderator of the Social Sciences Network-IL

2010 – 2013. Co-Founder and the Executive Editor of Stigma Research and Action (open-access peer review journal).

Ad-Hoc Reviewer

Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences

Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology

Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services

BMC Psychiatry

Transcultural Psychiatry

Organization of Conferences

2012 – A Scientific Committee member, Together Against Stigma: Changing how we see mental illness: the 5th International Stigma Conference, Ottawa, Canada.

2010 – Co-Chair of Employers’ conference on Disability atMicrosoft,Israel.

2009 – The committee of a scientific conference concerning new technologies to enhance recovery of persons with psychiatric disability.

2009 – The committee of the Israel Ministry of Health Mental Health national annual conference

2007 – Organizer of a conference that took place in all the committees of the “Knesset” (Israel Parliament) aimed to increase the awareness of suicide and ways to reduce it. Following this day,for the first time, 5 million Israeli Shekels were allocated for this issue.

2007 – The committee of the Israeli coalition for mental health annual conference.

2007 – The committee of the Ministry of Health Mental Health national annual conference

2006 – The committee of the Ministry of Health Mental Health national annual conference

2006 – The committee of the Council for the Rehabilitation of Persons with a Psychiatric Disability in the Community annual conference

Membership in Scientific Groups and Professional Societies

–      The Stigma Section of the World Psychiatric Association

–      The Israeli Neuropsychoanalysis Society

–      The Israeli Coalition of Mental Health Organizations

 Web Skills

–     Joomla

–     WordPress

–    Open Journal Systems

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