From whence will their help come??

18 06 2012

As I wrote in previous posts, eating disorders are very complicated  disorders that require a very intense treatment from a multi-professionals team. Furthermore, coping with the symptoms of these disorders requires a full cooperation and a strong will and persistence from those who cope with these complex health conditions. However, due to a very dire and  inexcusable situation of the health services to people with eating disorders in Israel its seems like the only thing that people with severe eating disorders in Israel can do in these days is to pray and hope that somehow the disorder will disappear…

Eating disorders

25 02 2012

Eating disorders… do we fully understand the reasons for these disorders? Do we fully acknowledge the dire consequences of anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder? Do we really know how many people cope/suffer from these conditions? Are there enough professionals that know how to assist people with eating disorders to cope with the disorders symptoms? Are there enough resources for research, treatment and rehabilitation in this field? Well my friends, the answer for these questions is absolutely NO!

As part of my professional work I have been facing, more than once, with the lack of services for people with eating disorders in Israel. Personally, I had to deal with the tragedy of a very early dead due to an eating disorder (outside of Israel).

I call policy makers to recognise how prevalence and dangerous these health conditions are, and to allocate [much] more resources to reasearch and practice in this field.  Fortunately, Dr. Thomas R. Insel,  Director of the [American] National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is aware of the situation and is seeking to improve it.