National Institute of Mental Health VS. DSM-5

5 05 2013

The [American] National Institute of Mental Health – the world’s biggest mental health research funder, has recently announced that    it will be “re-orienting its research away from DSM categories” because the “DSM-5 lacks validity” and that “patients with mental disorders deserve better”. NIMH approach is driven by the latest neuroscience research that claims that psychiatric disorders should be diagnosed based on evidence based biological markers and not only on a consensus about clusters of clinical symptoms. Dr. Insel, head of the NIMH describes the DSM method by stating that “in the rest of medicine this [DSM diagnostic system, AT] would be equivalent to creating diagnostic systems based on the nature of chest pain or the quality of fever. This clash between NIMH and the American Psychiatric Association that publishes the DSM, is another evidence for the revolution in the way psychiatric disorders will be conceptualize, diagnosed and treated in the future. Stay tuned for more updates.

For the full article by NIMH director entitled: Transforming Diagnosis click HERE



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