Behind the Scenes of Stress and Stress Resilience

5 01 2013

Stress is an epidemic in the 21st century and impacts on people’s behaviour and health in many ways. Unfortunately, some of us will also experience acute stress, which may lead to post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and other psychiatric disorders. However, the professional literature indicates that while X amount of people will develop a psychiatric disorders due acute stress, trauma or more chronic forms of adversity, most people will  be able to adapt successfully to these  adverse situations. The reasons for the variability of stress resilience are not fully determined. Nevertheless, due to recent scientific and technological advances, researchers begin to better understand the underlying mechanisms of stress resilience.

In this context, I want to recommend a comprehensive review by Feder et al, entitled: Psychobiology and molecular genetics of resilience, that seeks to integrate recent developments in resilience research from psychosocial, developmental, genetic and neurobiological perspectives. This paper (published at 2009) is, in my opinion, the best paper that was publish in this cotext in recent years.

To read it click HERE




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