Lunatic Asylum — 2012

14 07 2012

One of my main professional missions is to reduce the stigma attached to psychiatric treatment. I believe that while mental health providers do not have a cure to psychiatric illnesses they can enhance rehabilitation, recovery and social inclusion of people with psychiatric illnesses. I also believe that in order to reduce stigma there is a need to stop the non-scientific body-mind separation and to promote one treatment system to all persons with health conditions in Israel, including people with psychiatric illnesses. And I believe that when the public health system allows cases of neglect and inhumane conditions for people in psychiatric institutions stigma will never end.  This sad and disturbing article illustrates (again) the inexcusable and unbearable situation of a psychiatric hospital in Israel. Dear policy makers, it is time to close this psychiatric hospitals and other and to open psychiatric departments in general hospitals. This is no less important than the nuclear threat or any other burning issue in the Israeli society!

Good week for all of us.



חדר קר ומנוכר, בלי מדף או שידה. ארכיון  (צילום: קובי קואנקס)                              מרצפות התרוממו לאחר הזנחה של שנים. ארכיון   (צילום: גדי דגון)             הזנחה בכל פינה. מקלחת באברבנאל. ארכיון  (צילום: קובי קואנקס)



One response

22 07 2012
Kathy Vansickle

So sorry to see these deplorable conditions forced on some our our most vulnerable people. I work in a community mental health organization in Canada, and while everyday we fight the stigma of mental illness, I think that inviting those with MH struggles to live in community with supports is showing success. I can’t say I have ever seen such disrepair in any facilities I have visited. We have been pushing for this deinstitutionalization for a long time, but I worry about a tipping point. There are times when observation and advocacy for hospitalization of very ill clients has become very difficult.

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