“People with serious mental illness are 10 times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than the perpetrator”

28 02 2012

One of the most common beliefs about people with mental illness is that they are violent and  dangerous. Here is an article that was published today which reinforces what we already know: “Although research suggests that there are factors that may increase risks of violence – such as co-occurring substance use, or not being engaged in treatment – people living with mental illness are 10 times more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators.” Would this fact reduce mental illness stigma? probably not…



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28 02 2012
Up In La La Land

Lovely post, hopefully getting this information out there will finally make a difference to how people treat sufferers of mental illness. xox

28 02 2012

Thank you. I think that lots of work is still needs to be done but information and contact with people with mental illness will reduce stigma, eventually…

20 03 2012

Research has born this out for years. As someone who works in mental health primarily with individuals with schizophrenia I’m amazed how few people know this. What is even more interesting is how many people are resistant to believing this! It’s like they want to cling to the old myths. They want their schizophrenics crazy and dangerous like in the movies. What is with that? We have a long way to go still but articles like this help. Thanks for posting!


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